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Indigo. Premier Vision Paris September 2014. We finally did it! Yes we went, we had our FIRST experience. That one that everybody talks. The first one, the unforgettable. The scary one, the redneck face one. And we´ve done it. And we had so much fun and we love it! I hope I´m not going to become addicted to this fair. It is not cheap…. First things first. It is huge. And we were lucky. So we were positioned at the first row. Here is the fashion area. Where visitors get a first sight of what exhibitors show. Indigo doesn´t hang up all the designs, so again, we are very affortunate they put up one of our designs. By Eli.

Then there is the internet flyer. Luckily again, they showed two of our prints. With our names changed!



There are many many exhibitors. All kinds, all sizes, the stands I mean. And  many ways of showing/selling the prints.There where moments were people just boasted from everywhere and other times when we had time to chat with our neighbours, wich is always good; it is probably one of the best moments: to learn from the experienced ones.

And finally I would like to show you my new favorite, that i discovered at Indigo:



To be posted at the Pattern Observer is one of the best things can happen to this girl. And to my associate Eliana. Not only many textile design brands visit this web, but also many of my collagues. And we love meeting new people who spend their days the same way we do. So if there is anything that you liked about nthis article, please do wirte to us, and lets maintain our textile group growing by the day!.