Archivo para Octubre 2014 | Página de archivo mensual

For a new collection after deciding the themes that I want to evolve, I build up a mood board. I pay attention to little details specially, those ones that will help me to give my designs my own personality. If I choose Birds for example I will probably take time deciding how I will design the air around them. I choose pictures from everywhere triying to find the forms what I have decided before hand. Being moveable makes the work less easy. At the moment of designing I will try to keep centered at the ideas I have chosen.

Creating the color tables helps a lot also. So I can buy (online) the copic markers that I will use. It is a terrible feeling when designing a color, suddenly, runs out of ink!!! I will not tell you how far I have to go to get my copic markers….unthinkable.

More color palettes?