Done by Eilana Castillo and Suz Sanchez


Lola SR and Nuria Navarro



Untitled-1Lola San Román and Eva Mañas

Newsletter 6

Yes we are going to PV for our second time…….. For good.
The biggest textiles show ever, and I will be there. Representing my designers and myself.
With a new bright stand.
Some winter colors and a whole new lot of  prints.

It does cost money and energy. But 90 % of the times movements generate new movements. And this is the key factor to go to PV.
Once the clients start meeting you, putting your name a face, seeing you as a professional, then, the big wheel starts to move.

Of course, it is a ground battle to get the costumers visit your stand. And if you do this in advance, half of your future succes will be set on the table already.

And then you just go.

Expose your work, let the others talk about it out loud. So you can learn. Fix here and there. Improve. Evolve.

Learn from the market.

Love it.

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