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At the La Academia you will learn everything you need to create your own pattern designs, from the hand of a pattern designer.

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To create solid, beautiful and consistent work you need a method.
A step-by-step where you learn how and why. A guide to return to whenever you want to improve and enrich your work.

In the Academy I will share with you everything I know and all my tricks to give you a solid base to start building your career. (Or your hobby)

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My name is Lola and I’ve been giving classes almost all my life. At the IED (Madrid), as a visiting professor in Fine Arts at the Complutense University and as a professor at the Botanical Garden (Madrid). Also I´ve given various, in person, textile courses in different cities.

I’m a person who is set on transmitting all that I know to whom ever is interested. The value of sharing knowledge is my ideal and I believe it is what will make the difference with previous generations: teach the upcoming generation. Teach to not make the same mistakes, teach all our methods, teach with responsibility, with the result that all makes sense.

Its not a question of painting without thinking. But having a method which helps you grow, step by step.

Lola San Román - About me

Why here?

Learn from a professional designer. Learn how to make a print from start to finish, turning your learning into a method.

Be part of a community (to share and learn with). We have a private Facebook group.

You can always access your course, to rewind and relearn.