Show us your work and we shall review it to make it perfect.

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About prints:

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  • Make all groups appear to be linked by an invisible thread.

  • Let the motifs breathe.

  • Give depth with colour.

How and what will you learn?

One of the best ways to improve your work is to show it and get feedback form another point of view. The more professional the better.

Often we work alone and as a result we don’t see beyond ourselves . That we don’t know how to level up. Ex: most of the people I have worked with have to remove elements and not put more in!

Most of the time a change of order makes the designs shine.

About Portfolios:

  • How to call attention immediately.

  • Show your strong point.

  • Show your design above all.


How and what will you learn?

Have you thought about where you stand out? And do you show what makes you stand out?

As in all, less is more. Most portfolios don’t show anything, or show so much that that the design is hidden. A portfolio should have one visual image, but at the same time explain everything.

And let’s see how “this” client is different, not just one in a crowd.

They cost 90 € per session. 1 hour or 30 mins of two.

Write me at

What is the process?

  1. We are going to analyze all that can be improved in the prints. And I’ll show you how to do it.

  2. Let’s map out a plan on how to get a solid collection. I will give you homework that you will have to do one at a time.

  3. You’ll end up with a plan to chart a path a year from now. Collections, portfolio, customer research.

What do they say?

“With Lola’s experienced vision I’m learning to see my work with different eyes, and to focus on the best course to take in order to obtain the best results in a medium / long term. I have learned how to emphasise my personal strengths in order to stand out, and raise the leval of my prints.
I count on her advice to help me arrive at the best decisions.
I’m very grateful for her help”.
Erika Catalán

Irene Arranz

The face to face with Lola is a super enriching experience in the evolution of my patterns, since Lola is involved in a brutal way and not only tells you what works and what doesn’t, but she has given me tricks and examples of how to make each pattern go up a step in quality. On a personal level it is also a boost of confidence in the work I am developing because it shows you the real potential of my material. I recommend it 100% .

Irene Arranz

Bell and buz“Lola’s course has helped me focus more on planning prints and optimizing resources by drawing only the necessary motifs. I really value her video-conference reviews and her generosity and affection in sharing knowledge.”

Belle Buz

Prints“I am currently working on something I love, which your course and mentoring has greatly influenced.

With your advice, I was looking for something to learn how to present my own work in a way that reflected my strengths well.

Both the course and the consultancy have been great for me, so that I can work in a more orderly and methodical way.

I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for advice from someone in the industry to improve the presentation of their work. I really liked that you told me about other cases and showed me other portfolios, it helped me a lot to see different styles.”

Mireia Plumed
“Lola has been very helpful to me because she has highlighted some specific aspects of my work that I could improve. Once the changes have been made, I have seen how the quality of my designs has increased and I am ready to continue on my path with more confidence.”
Giulia Morandi

More questions

As we have to fit in the hours there are limited places per week. Write to me at and we’ll work something out.

Quite the opposite. Keeping a third eye on every step can be crucial to improving for sure.