At the La Academia you will learn everything you need to create your own pattern designs, from the hand of a pattern designer.

Watercolor courses. I, II, y III

Super simple and easy courses where you will learn all the basis to create your own style.
Step by step we will make many exercises and at the en of the course
you will have learned the process of creativity and you will go back to it every time you
will want to enrich your style.

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Watercolor I. Look, Paint and Create.

curso acuarela 1 2

In this course you will learn:

– Learn how to see and how to paint.
– You will discover how to analize the motifs.
so your brain understands them and paint them without copying.
We will do this all together.

Finallly you will have una a whole watercolor collection, from where evolve.

As much as you want to learn as a hobbie
or to get your work to another level.
With these watercolor courses you will understand the bases and therefor you may go back to them every time you need to create a new collection, different and unique.

Watercolor II. Rhythm and Composition.

curso acuarela 2 1

In this course you will learn:

– The method to dispose the motifs so they create a sense of flow and harmony.. Rhythm.
– You will learn hot to organize your moyifs so to create your own style. Composittion.
– You will learn the importance of skecht maps.
– You will have homework and many examples of the great painters.

You will:
-Get out of your confort zone.
-Comprehend how to see from another point of view.
-To paint with diffrent color palettes.
-Strive to not repeat all the time your tricks that save you but don´t let you grow.
-You will learn hot to look at other painters work.
-To have a method. Step by step.

One I have finiseh Lola´s course I had this great urge to go back and look at my favorite painters work again. it was as if I looked at them for the first time.

javier rodriguez- Javier Rodriguez

Watercolor III. Colour and creativity.

curso acuarela 3 1

Finally you will have tou nderstand how colour works in our brain so the final image works perfectly. In harmony.

You will learn about:
– Cold and warm colours.
– Analog colors.
– Complementary colours.

At the end you will have finished 3 watercolors with all your new knowledge.

I want them all!

All the courses
100 €

Thank you for being here
My name is Lola San Román.
Artist, teacher, designer and above allpleased to meet you and glad to help you to create your own style.

If I could help you with anything else::

Lola SR Marshall low