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Rhythm, Scale and Color.

Learn hot to create the perfect textile print.

At the La Academia you will learn everything you need to create your own pattern designs, from the hand of a pattern designer. This course will make the difference between designing print out of passion or designing prints like a professional.

SESIÓN gratis (10 minutos)

Online Course

  • 23 lessons • 10 chapters • More that 10 hours of videos.

Online Course + Face to Face

  • 23 lessons • 10 chapters • More that 10 hours of videos.

Online Course Rhytm, Scale and Colour. Installment payment

  • 23 lessons • 10 chapters • More that 10 hours of videos.
  • Installment payment in three months. Total 3 payments.

What will you learn?

  • You will learn your references.
  • You will learn from all the diffrent types of prints.
  • What are the Images Archives?

  • The base of a beautifull print. Rhytm, Scale and Colour.
  • Moodboards. Are they necessary? Inspirational and for work.

  • We draw and we paint. All the design.
  • Oh! Chapter: how to scan. Three ways of how to clean up the motifs.
  • To make te repettion at Photoshop. Creating the rapport.
  • What we give to the client. Files.

  • If you want at the end of the course you couls have a Face to face session with me. Extra cost.

How will you learn it?

  • You will have to create a schedule and get organized

  • Each chapter has it´s homework, that way you understand what you have learnt.

  • You will be surrounded in a group with people like you. Where you will discuss and share your doubts daily.

  • Every month you will find new challenges.

  • Inside the group we correct all the exercises.

  • Each chapter is conceived so you can go back to it and re do it.

Cuadernos de las alumnas
  • 22 videos where I show you all my tips.
  • And you will find a PDF with all written down.
  • Each lesson ends with a Quiz.
  • And a PDF with all my drawings.
  • A client File as an example.
  • A Facebook group where to share all your work.

Gouache is the oldest technic used to desing prints. Due to it´s opacity and well defined lines. This helps to change the colours of the prints if the client wants. Clients usually like to rotative printing or through the silk screen method.

What do they say?

Merce FrescoYou are always open for questions. Also you give the very best tips. Also: you are very flexible: I have always worked with my Ipad and you have never complained. For me it is very important the closeness that I have felt with you, and also to be part of this great community that we are creating.
Merce Fresco

leslieLola´s courses are very special to me because from them I have learnt what I want, and discover what i want in life. I really like that Lola gives us some much homework, that consolidates what we have learnt. The explanations are direct and simple….[

Leslie Osterhage

inesLola´s course has been a great discovery. I call it Lola´s course because what I like most it´s her closeness.
I ´ve done many courses, but none have given me the security that this one has.
El curso te enseña todo el proceso creativo de forma muy clara y pautada, te enseña a crear nuevas rutinas, te acompaña. Te explica la realidad del trabajo de un diseñador.
Te invita a ampliar información por tu cuenta con las referencias que te aporta.
And the most important is that it is making me to enjoy the process. That everyday I covet to hear her courses, so clear and direct. To make the homework, to show my designs on th Facebook group. To get her feeback and the feedback from my colleagues, it really makes me to have the crave to be better at it.
Muy agradecida por recibir tantos conocimientos, por que comparta conmigo sus experiencias de forma tan generosa. A top course, just do it!
Inés Hita
sara“Con Lola aprendí qué era la equidistancia, el equilibrio y su importancia, mirar lo dibujado no como una mezcla de motivos sino como un estampado global; parar y mirar de lejos. Lo tengo super claro.”
Sara M. Huerta
NikaSuper completo el curso, tiene buenos tips, metodología clara, sientes que se compromete con el alumno para dar orientación y compartir sus conocimientos con los alumnos. Her sincerity is gold to me.
Nika Martinez

belIt´s been a pleasure to learn with you. Me ha fascinado tu metodología, tu pasión por los estampados, el excelente trabajo que realizas y tu determinación. Estoy muy contenta y más motivada para seguir indagando en este mundo.

Bel Calderón @belclderon

…] los consejos que Lola me dió después de ver mis trabajos han sido determinantes en el proceso creativo ya que estaba cometiendo unos errores que no era capaz de ver y que pueden ser clave a la hora de enseñarlos a un posible comprador. Había seguido varios cursos donde he ido aprendiendo esta profesión pero la visión personalizada de una profesional con tanta experiencia y que tiene verdadero interés en que aprendas ha sido clave….[

Inma Roses

More questions

Nothing. These courses are the result of practice and experience. Time and experience will make you a better designer.

Brushes and gouaches. Paper, A3 size and a skechtbook. Always the simplest. Don´t let the artistic material stop you.

No, please. This project means the world to me and your collaboration is key. I woul hate to see many downloads and to have to shut down your account.

All the time of the world. You will have your own password. With time you will learn different aspects. See different things.